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Sophia Ovonlen (Mentor)

    November 18, 2019


Sophia Ovonlen


Sophia Ovonlen is a dedicated and very experienced teacher with comprehensive background in providing quality instruction and nurturing a positive learning environment. She has great insight to the impact of sound foundational education and personal development resulting in her strong passion for contributing in the education of others.

Over the last two decades, she has excelled at the planning, development and delivery of outstanding teaching within the basic/primary education sector. She has provided high quality professional development and training in various aspects of education such as Mentoring, Creative Writing, Effective Use of Plenaries, Teaching Strategies, Positive Behaviour Management, Curriculum Design, Development and Implementation. These have resulted in her and teachers achieving several outstanding results classroom observations by the UK OFSTED, school inspections and significant teacher development.

Demonstrating strong organizational, leadership and problem solving skills coupled with an extensive knowledge in use of latest educational technologies, Sophia has held key roles including ICT subject Lead, UK Certified Child Exploitation and On-line Protection (CEOP) Ambassador and E-Safety Coordinator within UK Schools. All these have culminated in her receipt of Outstanding Teacher Status by OLEVI International for Leadership in Teaching and Learning and a Pearson’s Assessment Associate. Sophia has maintained her strong passion for teacher training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Teachers. She is a Teach First Mentor for the training and mentoring of new teachers towards achieving Qualified Teacher Status in the UK as well as a Visible Learning Impact Coach.

Furthermore Sophia is the Founder and Lead Trainer for Oakleigh Schools (Nig) Limited which is a UKaccredited Continued Professional Development (CPD) Provider providing pedagogical training, technical and organisational consulting for the development of teachers and schools within the Pre-primary and Primary sectors of education in Sub-Saharan Africa. Functioning through subsidiaries namely Oakleigh Education, The Inspiration Teachers Network and the Inspirational Teachers Online School, she is leading the organisation with a firm vision to fostering excellence in education by delivering cost effective skill and knowledge transfer towards exceptional regeneration of basic education. To date, Oakleigh Schools has delivered training directly to over 5,000 teachers in Nigerian and this would have directly and indirectly improved teaching to over half a million children within basic education in Nigeria.

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