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Sian McCune (Mentor)

mywritingmentor    November 18, 2019


Sian McCune


Sian is an experienced educator. She has been a teacher for over 14 years, and has taught English in a number of different countries, as well as teaching for over 8 years in secondary schools in the UK. As a result of her commitment to provide excellent teaching for all and a passion for training and mentoring, she went through a rigorous assessment process to become an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2007. In this capacity Sian trained and mentored many trainee teachers through the University of Southampton, as well as mentoring newly qualified teachers and more experienced practitioners. She continued in this role until 2015 when she moved to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to teach Academic English to adults.  

Sian has run many professional development sessions in the UK on topics such as Lesson Planning, Assessment for Learning, Behaviour Management, the use of IT in the classroom, and Creative Teaching and Learning. She has also delivered training sessions to teachers in Nigeria through Oakleigh Education. Having recently moved back to the UK, Sian is teaching Literacy and is passionate about helping children and young people to develop their literacy skills through reading and writing. In addition, she is working on a Masters in Applied Linguistics and Teaching English as a Second Language through the University of Leicester.

Our Mission

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