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Free creative writing mentoring programme for new and emerging writers of fiction and non-fiction.

Our mission is to positively impact African writing by supporting new and emerging Nigerian writers.

Nurturing a generation of writers that will explore the urgent concerns of the continent.

MyWritingMentor is a free creative writing mentoring programme set up to mentor and publish new and emerging writers of fiction and non-fiction. A lot of writers starting out on their writing journey need some sort of guidance on how to master the precise skill of writing and how to improve on the craft in order to get published. This mentoring programme engages experienced writers, teachers and editors to work one on one with participants on their particular writing needs over a period of time. Among other things, the mentors will give feedback on participants’ sample writings, help participants hone their writing and editing skills, teach participants how to apply the principles of writing to the various forms of fiction and nonfiction writing, and give participants pointers on how to polish their unique styles and voices. Ultimately, the programme is designed to prepare writers for a successful writing career.

MyWritingMentor was established as a response to the urgent need for familiar stories— stories about Africa by Africans, with a special focus on the African child. The goal is to nurture a generation of writers that will explore the urgent concerns of the continent, and use their writings to explain who we are, what heritage we were born into, and also to record how we live in contemporary times.

How it Works

There are different forms of writing directed at diverse audience. We hope to touch as many of these forms as possible. To ensure proper treatment of the forms, and thus writers wishing to focus on each form, each edition of the programme will concentrate on writing for a particular audience. The inaugural edition will focus on the craft of writing for children i.e., readers between ages 3 to 12. The application process is as follows:

  • Call for applications, which will last for about three weeks.
  • Applications received will be shortlisted by a panel of editors and the successful applicants will be announced
  • Each participant will be paired with an appropriate mentor, based on their writing requirements as deduced from their sample writing.
  • The programme will run for three months
  • At the closing ceremony, the participants and mentors will present participants completed manuscripts, which will be published by 24th July Diamond Limited.
  • The most promising writers for each edition of MyWritingMentor will be offered the opportunity to join the publishing firm, 24th July Diamond, for a year-long employment during which they will continue to be mentored on any genre they wish to focus on.


The primary aim of MyWritingMentor is to help develop the confidence of new and emerging Nigerian writers, while providing a launch pad for their careers. All aspiring writers, especially ones who are yet to be published, are encouraged to apply. Applicants must be 18 or older to be eligible, and must be based in Nigeria.

To submit an application, go to the How to Apply page. All applications must be made via the online entry form.

Our Mission

Our mission is to positively impact African writing by supporting new and emerging Nigerian writers.

Contact Us


Road 9, #7 Pipeline Rumuagholu, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
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For more information on our Creative Writing Mentoring program, media inquiries or any other questions, please complete the contact form below

If you wish to join our team of mentors, please visit our Be a Mentor page